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Jesse Vincent


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(now that I have all 12 duplicates deleted, let's try again)

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 22:27:09 -0500
From: Jesse Vincent
Subject: RT 3.0 alpha 1

I'm pleased to announce the first "alpha" test release of RT 3.0, RT 2.1.48.

This release contains the complete new isntallation system complete with
autoconf support and rewritten testdeps and database setup tools.

This release is NOT ready for production use (hence the "alpha" designation.)
Do not deploy this system for mission critical data. We can not guarantee that
things won't change incompatibly before 3.0.0, though at this point, the schema
and API are largely frozen.

RT 3.0 is a major new release of RT which adds too many new features to list
here. A few hilights include:

* Completely redesigned ACL system that's faster and more flexible
* Rights granted to a user can be redelegated to another user
* The "scrips" system is a good deal more flexible
* Groups can now contain other groups, in addition to containing users
* RT now speaks: Traditional Chinese, German,
French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Russian and Finnish in addition
to English. (Simplified Chinese was not included in this
release, due to a last minute error.)

We know that not everything is done yet. Particularly:

* The new CLI isn't yet complete.
* The new mail gateway isn't yet complete.
* The commandline admin tool hasn't yet been updated for all of
3.0's new features.
* Some edges are still rough
* Not all bug fixes from the 2.0 branch have been "pulled up" into
the RT 3.0 branch yet.
You can pick up the release from:

As you work with RT 3.0 alpha 1, we'd like to ask that you send questions,
comments and issues to If you've isolated a specific
bug, please send mail to containing as detailed a report
as you can manage, along with any resolution you're aware of. (We like diff -u)