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Savory sounds fantastic. I've desperately wanted to read PDF files on my Kindle since I got it. Unfortunately, I have the first edition. I am heartened to hear that there are other projects that are working on this problem, hopefully I can find one that will enable me to get usable documents on my Kindle. The mobipocket tools mangle the PDFs I want to read (research papers from and other similar places), particularly when it comes to anything with foreign characters and mathematical equations.
Please keep up your good work. I found your site from the blog of some twit saying that Amazon should shut you down. I cannot comprehend how their thought process works to convince them that after purchasing the Kindle from Amazon, they should retain complete control over the device. I assume they also ring up their car manufacturer and ask for permission before driving anywhere.
If I upgrade to the Kindle 2 later I certainly hope Savory is still around. By the way, if it's not too much trouble could you add a short explanation as to why Savory won't work on the original Kindle? I haven't done extensive hacking, but I have read a bit about the software used and I don't know off the top of my head what would prevent it from working... just curious.