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Jesse Vincent

K-9 Mail 2.400 for Android

4 min read

It gives me great pleasure to announce K-9 Mail 2.400.  This release represents a significant improvement on K-9 Mail 2.000, released in early December.

K-9 Mail is an open-source email client for Android-powered devices. Originally based on the client shipped with Android 1.0, K-9 Mail has seen extensive development by a community of developers around the world over the past 15 months.

Major new features in this release include full-text search of mail, "starring" of messages, the ability to perform actions on multiple messages at once, a much more robust and efficient IMAP push mail implementation, significant performance improvements and a new icon designed by Vincent Lum.

You can download K-9 Mail 2.400 from or from the Android Market.

Other user-visible changes include:

  * Guess mime type (when not specified) of attachments of received messages using file name extension so that we can open them - baolongnt

  * Headers in Accounts, Folder List and Message List now show unread count and background processing activity -- danapple0

  * Added a new "touch friendly" style with message previews - jessev

  * Made it possible to enable or disable "stars" for flagged messages - jessev

  * Added swipe-to-select for operations on multiple messages - jessev

  * There is now an Expunge action in the option menu. - danapple0

  * A new "Batch ops" option menu in Message List.  Provides star/unstar, mark as read/unread and delete and select/deselect all.  Move and copy are partially implemented, but disabled. -danapple0

  * The "Sort by..." menu now toggles ascending/descending when the currently selected sort mode is clicked. -danapple0

  * Eliminate carriage returns from reply and forward text.  (Fixes Issue 518) - danapple0

  * Add a global preference for enabling animations, beyond those that are necessary.  Defaults to "enabled." -danapple0

  * 250, 500 and 1000 messages may now be synced per folder. - jessev

  * Allow user to set a limit on the number of folders to be handled with push technology. - danapple0

  * Initial implementation of CRAM-MD5 support for IMAP and SMTP. (Patch contributed by Russ Weeks ) - jessev

  * For IMAP accounts, it is now possible to disable the copying of deleted messages to the Trash folder, by setting the Trash folder to -NONE-. - danapple0

  * Each IMAP account can be set to expunge messages in a folder as soon as a move or delete is performed on the folder ("immediately"), each time the folder is polled, or only when executed manually. - danapple0

  * For WebDAV accounts, the user can now choose the server-side equivalents of the special folders, just like for IMAP. - danapple0

  * Implemented delete intent broadcast using a modified patch from stephane.lajeunesse - baolongnt

  * Implementation of a Receiver and Service to provide for the capability to accept control from other Android applications.  Allows for changing both Account-level and global settings.  Account-level settings can be applied to a single Account or to all Accounts. - danapple0

  * Overhaul our setup wizard to have a more reasonable bottom bar and to reuse that layout code where possible; standardize the id of the 'next' button - jessev

  * "Starred" messages in MessageList and Message views - jessev

  * Bulk-star, delete and "mark as read" for messages - baolongnt,danapple0,jessev

  * Implement References/In-Reply-To/X-User-Agent headers. Patch from e.w.stemle - jessev

  * You can now "swipe" left or right in the Message view to go to the previous or next message, respectively - jessev

  * First pass at stopping the "Sending messages" notification when there's nothing to send. - jessev

  * fix the header background color to not ignore theme in horizontal mode - jessev

  * Add double-tap at top or bottom of a message to jump to the top or bottom of the message - jessev

  * Improvements to render quality of plaintext messages. - jessev

  * Added a message-flip animation. - jessev

  * New sort-by and reverse-sort icons by Vincent Lum - jessev

  * Deleting messages in messageView now preserves the direction the user was "travelling" in before the delete - jessev

  * Provide additional date format display options in Preferences - danapple0

For a full set of release notes, please visit: