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Buying an iPad: Of course I'm buying an iPad. I'll have one the morning of April 3.
It won't replace the {nook,kindle}. These days, I'm reading on the Kindle and the nook is sort of languishing. I've still got $75 of B&N credit and a few books that I can't read on anything else, thanks to the DRM.
The Kindle fits in my jacket pocket and weighs less than the giant biography of Nixon that turned me onto ereaders in the first place. 1.5 pounds is too much to hold up in front of me for 4 hours at a stretch. At least I think it is ;)
I usually use the kindle in amazon's default leather cover. I like having the flap and the textured leather backing. That's about the right compromise between portability, protection and comfort for me. At least this week.