Johnstown PA (~90 minutes east of Pittsburgh). Local retailer options are limited to Staples, which doesn't carry them; and Bestbuy, which claims to have a few models in stock at the local store if you search from their internet website but which can't be found and which aren't listed as in the store if you search using the version of their site offered in store (as of last summer when someone suggested I try the ones BB had on display anyway). My wag is that their internet site is conflating in stock at the store and available for same day pickup at the store. (The 'good' computer stores like Fry's and MicroCenter start at a days round trip and escalate to a days drive each way.)
Most of my keyboards have been firm dome/membrane types; at home I'm using a Saitek Eclipse II; at work I've annoyed the service desk people by insisting on trying out multiple models from their collection of multiple years of Dell keyboards for ones that have full travel and aren't extremely mushy.
The only mechanical keyboard I've used (6 or 7 years ago) was an IBM one that looked ancient enough I half suspect may have been a buckling spring type (IIRC the original connector was AT and it was dongled to PS2); the noise volume was sufficiently annoying that I remoted into the box it was attached 99% of the time; I don't recall anything about how it actually felt to type on.