Model 00

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The Model 00 is very similar to the Mark 13 I mentioned over at, though it (finally) uses a PCB I designed and had Seeed Studio make me 10 copies of (for $200, including FedEx Next Day shipping from China!) and has a shell made from stained, polyurothane-coated birch plywood rather than acrylic sheets. It's pretty close to a "final" layout for the keyboard we're hoping to Kickstarter.

So far, we've built out four of our 10 PCBs. Two of them are for us. The other two are being sent to unsuspecting beta testers tomorrow. (They won't get there in time for Christmas, but what can you do?) We're not 100% sure what we're doing with the other six, but if we sell any of them, we'll tell the mailing list.

You can find more photos of the Model 00 on Flickr.