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The return-space-escape-backspace configuration is very elegant. Generally the whole layout looks quite natural.
A ton of comments I could make come down to OS background and personal taste. While I love having arrows available to both hands Id personally want IJKL arrow keys, for example, which better match what Im used to.
Whatever I make will be fully reprogrammable, so that wont be an issue.
But more subtly Id be concerned about chording to access the arrow keys because I tend to do a lot of multi-chorded arrow strokes already (control-shift-right-right-right) and adding another modifier strikes me as a lot of buttons to juggle at once.
Yep. With the current design, that works becuase its easy to put one
finger on blueshift+shift. One could also create a set of keys that are
control-shift arrows Im working on refining the layout of the thumb
keys, too.
Why not move Tab down to the G? Wouldnt that be an easier location to reach?
In the latest redesign, I actually moved tab and return to thumb keys.
Do you find that you still use shift on the opposite hand as what youre shifting, as you need to for a more typical keyboard?
I do, mostly at least.