Wow. It's been rather a long time since I've posted anything. Terribly sorry about that folks. Things are...kind of busy.

Between RT 4.0, Perl 5.14.0, K-9 Mail 3.8 and Kaiten Mail 1.1, I've been a bit busy on the software side of things. More on all of that later. For now,

I'm looking to get a quick read of what folks are using for bug tracking. I'm NOT looking for advocacy and this has nothing to do with getting anybody to 'switch' bug trackers.

Thanks to crucially, I ended up at dinner with Quinn Norton and Danny O'Brien (and Ada, their little one). Danny mentioned an absolutely fantastic feature I must add to Hiveminder, but this textarea is too small to adequately describe it.

If we tell the terrorists that they've won, will they fuck off and leave us alone?

Orbitz would die, just after I discovered that they had pricing to Taiwan that beat everyone else by $400.

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i didn't vote today.

Should I go to Taiwan for a week in November for a working holiday? Hm.


I own a house. I live in it.

Didn't get the house.