The Sounds are playing Monday at Axis. All ages. you know you want to.

It's amazing that something that can make me so incredibly giddy can also rip my heart out and stomp on it without meaning to or even doing anything really 'wrong'. Ok. It's not at all amazing or surprising. But I only got two hours of sleep.

I hate psychodrama.

I hate being the cause of the psychodrama even more.

Oh, and this is locked down rather more than usual. Which is a game I really never wanted to start playing.


[made public over a decade later]

I am so ready to be home. I am not liking this one bit. *sigh*

On latemodel's suggestion, I ended up at the Prids shwo last night. It was quite good, even if my ear drums haven't yet recovered. Just before the show started heresiarch encouraged me to attempt to tape it. It came out well enough that I'm going to need to do a CD transfer. :)

Powell's is bigger than blackwells and has a wider selection. The collection isn't as academic though. That probably saved me a lot of money. ;)

The roads must roll

I've just spent 12 of the past 14 hours attempting, and failing to fix a deep caching bug in RT that's a show-stopper for the release that really, really, really needs to go out this weekend.

This is so not how I wanted to spend my friday night and the first chunk of my birthday.

Perhaps it would have been clever if I'd planned to do SOMETHING on my birthday, rather than going to someone else's party.

Nineteen dollars for copy of whip wonder kids pirate music.