Do I want to go live in London for a year?
For those of you freaking out: At this time, I have no plans to move out, leave the country, leave the state or even leave the Davis Square area.

But at some point in my life, I want to try living outside the US for a while. Maybe starting in fall of 2004?

I've been feeling subtly 'off' since I got home from Europe. This can stop any time now.

Yipe. A twenty two thousand pound bottle of scotch. Without VAT.

'Two free tickets if you sleep with us' -- British Airways

So. A train behind us on the underground. 'to avoid gaps in service' they held us in station for 5 minutes. What about the gap in front of us?

Damn it. 140 pounds for a bottle of springbank 1965. So tempted. Can't quite justify that. Sigh (that's after VAT refund)

It's disconcerting when a gorgeous lawn ornament duck turns, looks at you and quacks.

Wow. The UK is very...grey and rainy.

Remember the deutsch telecom kiosks I mentioned last week? There's one here with a note saying they were all shut down 'in May 2003' sigh. Nice idea.

I didn't know that the VW beetle was designed under orders from the German government in 1934