I'm at the Deutsch Museum. In an exhibit on the history of the bicycle. An Austrian bike frim 1904 came with a handlebar-attached whip to ward off dogs.

Found lunch at the San Francisco Coffee Company. Their summer menu is decorated with penguins saying 'Foo Foo!

Wow. Dragged out clubbing by a couple of wild germans. I can't report coherently at this point. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

'If you want to learn more about the SS, press 3008'

A store here has put up a portable climbing wall ~50 feet tall and are challenging pedestrians to climb it. Then they turn on a fake 'rain storm'

This is bad. I think I'm getting used to premade Iced Tea. It would be crazy to buy loose tea, lemons and sugar and abuse the coffemaker and minibar.

I've seen crucifixes before. But, before today, I don't think I've ever seen one on a chain so long that it dangled by the wearer's crotch.

Now that's just petty. My glasses just broke. (only a lost screw). Guess I get to explore the world of german glasses shops tomorrow.

One of the things I wanted to discover on this trip was how well I travelled alone for long periods of time. Next time, I'm going with someone.

So it appears that I'll soon have a german reseller for RT support and hosting. Neat!
And I'm now sitting in a 'Mr Bleck' coffeshop.